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Advice for Business

Follow the links below to learn about documenting and managing business rules, and about designing and architecting rulebases. These topics are for subject matter experts (SMEs), business rule analysts, rule harvesters, rulebase architects, and knowledge engineers.

5 minute Business Briefings

BIZRULES® VISION™ methodology
Enterprise Rules Architecture
Critical Knowledge
Common Knowledge
Macro Decisions (Million Dollar Decisions)
Micro Decisions (A Million Little Decisions)
Strategy Rules
10 Rules for Rules
Business Rule Management
So many rules, where do they belong?
When are we done rule harvesting?
How do we know we're not missing any rules?
Where do we start?
Discovering & Defining Business Rules
What questions do we ask Domain Experts to extract their critical knowledge?
Documenting Business Rules
Managing Business Rules
Simplifying Business Rules
Rule Harvesting (RH)
Knowledge Acquisition (KA)
Knowledge Representation (KR)
Knowledge Engineering (KE)

"An exciting new technology called Business Rules is beginning to have a major positive impact on the IT industry - more precisely, on the way we develop and maintain computer applications."

C.J. Date, inventor of the relational database model that revolutionized the field of computer science


What questions do we ask Domain Experts to extract their critical knowledge?

Below are some questions that we like to ask experts during Knowledge Acquisition (KA) interviews in order to extract their critical knowledge and common knowledge.

Knowledge Preservation Questions:

Ask these questions to get the big picture quickly, and to understand the impact of losing tacit knowledge, expert knowledge, and critical knowledge:

  • What?
    • So What?
      • Now What?

Initial survey of processes, roles, and tasks:

  • What do you need to do? (what)
    • Decisions
    • Actions
    • Steps
    • Inputs / Outputs / Outcomes
    • Why do you do it that way?
    • How do you reach conclusions?
  • What do you need to know? (why)
    • References
    • Knowledge
    • Principles
    • Laws / Regulations (external)
    • Policies and Procedures (internal)
    • What information do you need to look-up?
  • What do you need to record? (what / where / when)
    • Reports
    • Forms / Fields
    • Memos / Emails
    • Submissions
  • How do you need to do it? (how)
    • Processes
    • Workflow
    • Which tasks are manual vs. automated processes?
  • Who do you need to talk to? (who)
    • Who do you call for more information or with questions?
    • Who calls you for information or answers?
  • When do you need to do things? (when)
    • Timing
    • Sequence
    • Events (i.e. notify the policyholder 30 days before cancellation)
  • Where do you need to do the work/have to go? (where)
    • Locations
    • Stores
    • Offices
    • Agency
    • Branches

These are just a few of the questions we ask experts during our Knowledge Acquisition and Rule DefinitionSM Workshops. A KARDSM Workshop is one of the steps in the BIZRULES® VISION™ knowledge acquisition and business rules methodology.

Contact us or call 972-987-1685 for more information about knowledge acquisition and what questions to ask experts.

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