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Advice for Beginners

If you are just getting started with business rules management, rule engines, and rulebased systems, here's what you need to know:

5 minute Executive Briefings

Who are the Subject Matter Experts and Super Experts in your company?
New Power for Management
Rules for CEOs
BRE Family Tree
The Rules Revolution
Who uses business rule engines?
Who benefits from rule-based systems?
Do you face these challenges?
Are you really ready for business rules?
Challenges facing business today
Challenges facing IT today
Still not Convinced?
Rules are not for everyone
If not rules then what else instead?
Do you need Enterprise Architecture?


BIZRULES helps companies get started using rules. We can help you move from the business rules idea stage to the action stage.

Our full range of training, consulting, and rule harvesting services and turnkey solutions help companies redesign and automate rules and processes.

Contact us or call 972-987-1685 to discuss your situation and how we can help.

"An exciting new technology called Business Rules is beginning to have a major positive impact on the IT industry - more precisely, on the way we develop and maintain computer applications."

C.J. Date, inventor of the relational database model that revolutionized the field of computer science


Rules for CEOs

A five minute briefing for executives.

by Rolando Hernandez, Founder & CEO, BIZRULES

What's the bottom line?  What can rules do for you?

The biggest challenges facing business and IT in the 21st century are change and complexity. Architecture, knowledge, and rules are the answer.

Reprogramming “hard-wired” rules takes months.

Changing business rules takes minutes.

What's the problem you are solving?  Why is this important?  Why does it matter?
Businesses rely on thousands of business rules that are hidden and buried in hundreds of computer programs that run the business. If you want these programs to work properly, your business rules must be carefully designed and linked together to form a logical decision chain that the system follows from beginning to end in order to make correct decisions.

The problem is that companies are still “hard-wiring”, or hard-coding, business rules using traditional procedural programming languages. That means that in order to change business rules, they have to go through the endless edit, change, compile, test, debug, edit cycle.

By the time programming is complete, the changes don't matter any more.

How can Business Rules help you?
The Business Rules Approach makes it easier to change rules. You take business rules out of the program and store them in a rulebase instead. You treat rules as data not code – Instead of “hard-wiring” business rules, you store rules in an inference engine that knows when and in what order to execute the rules.

That makes changing business rules as easy as changing data. Business people can finally change their own business rules instantly, without recompiling, and without waiting for IT to change the program.
Can you keep doing business without Business Rules? You've gotten this far without them right?
Yes, some companies don't need Business Rules. Rules are not for everyone.

If you don't plan to use business rules then what's your plan for keeping up with change and complexity?

Do you want to stay in the game, keep up with change, and deal with complexity?
If you really want to keep up with change, deal with complexity, reduce time to market, increase sales, cut costs, and maximize revenue, etc., then your best and easiest option is to use the power of Business Rules.

If your plan is to sharpen your competitive edge in order to leap ahead of competition, then you must use business rules management techniques and rulebase technology.

Do you face these challenges?
If you face any of these challenges, then you are ready to use the business rules approach and business rules technology. The opportunity to leverage rules is within reach.

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