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Government of Canada Y2K Social Security Modernization Project

BIZRULES selected by EDS Canada to help design and program the Business Rules in Canada's $400 million Social Security Reengineering Project, ISPR (Income Security Program Redesign). Served as EDS Canada's AION Business Rules Developer helping design and code Canada Social Security* Disability Benefits Eligibility & Entitlement business rules.

Business Problem

EDS won a $400 million contract to redevelop this legacy system from the 1960's using knowledge-based technology. The core technology here is the CA CleverPath AION BRE Business Rule Engine from Computer Associates (formerly Platinum Technology).

EDS needed a business rule engine developer to program the business rules in AION.



  Business Solution

BIZRULES Founder & CEO Rolando Hernandez was selected by EDS as one of the AION Business Rule Developers for the Government of Canada Social Security Modernization Project, ISPR (Income Security Program Redesign).

BIZRULES was a subcontractor to EDS Canada for this project. Rolando, an expert in AION, helped program the Disability Benefit Eligibility and Entitlement business rules using CA AION.

This was the first government modernization project for BIZRULES. It led to our second eGov system modernization project for the United States Internal Revenue Service.

Business Goals & Benefits

System delivers $30 Billion in benefit checks to 10 Million retired and disabled Canadians per year.

Rulebase processes 120 Million payment transactions per year.

Error & fraud reductions due to new rulebase of $45 million per year or $703 Million over 15 years.  


Social Security System

Pension Rules

Modernization Project

* Social Security is what we call this gov't benefit program in the U.S.; The equivalent term in Canada is "Income Security Program" or ISP 

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