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A leading transportation company providing rail, intermodal and rail-to-truck transload services

BIZRULES helped this Fortune 500 transportation company develop their RFP/RFQ to select a Business Rule Engine. Helped this firm evaluate and select an enterprise-wide Business Rule Engine using the proprietary BIZRULES® BRE Quantitative Ranking Table™  

Business Problem

The company needed to select among the leading Business Rule Engine vendors. They wanted to jump-start this process by bringing an experienced consultant to:

  • quickly recommend the short-list of vendor products that met all their requirements
  • use rule industry best practices for BRE product selection, rule harvesting, and BRE application development
  • provide an unbiased expert recommendation
  Business Solution

BIZRULES was selected because our BIZRULES® BRE Quantitative Ranking Table™ helped jump start the product selection process. **

And our BIZRULES® VISION™ Methodology provided the rule industry best practices, tips, and lessons learned for BRE product selection, rule harvesting, and BRE application development.

BIZRULES helped the customer to assess vendor options and evaluate vendor alternatives. We recommended the short-list of products to consider for final selection.

We also harvested rules and developed a Rulebook with a representative sample of the customer's rules. We sent the rulebook to the BRE vendor finalists for their Proof of Concept (POC) demo.

BIZRULES gave the customer all the information they needed to make a wise decision and select the product that met their unique requirements.

Our unbiased expert recommendations guided the RFQ/RFP process. In a way, one of the things we are most proud of in this case was that the winning vendor was not a BIZRULES Alliance Partner at that time*.

Business Goals & Benefits

BIZRULES provided the unbiased independent expert advise the customer was looking for.

We helped the customer make a wise decision in a short amount of time.  


And the Winner is

According to the two final vendors, the BIZRULES® RULEBOOK™ that we developed to help them build their POC was among the best rulebooks any customer had given them for POC purposes. The rulebooks contained terminology, ontology, rulesets, and business rules in a format that any business person, SME, and developer can understand.

Customer and Vendor

The ruebooks enabled the vendors to demonstrate their BRE functionality and capability using the customer's actual rules

*note: after seeing our rulebook and methodology in action for the first time, the winning vendor subsequently joined the BIZRULES Alliance Partner program. 
** Another organization that used the BIZRULES® BRE Quantitative Ranking Table™ for a BRE RFP/RFQ selection was the IRS.

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