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BizRules® RuleMap™

BIZRULES creates an interactive RuleMapthat models business rules & simulates business logic. This logical model lets see how your business rules work and lets you visualize the Reasoning Chain that leads to smart conclusions and right decisions.

The RuleMapdocuments your business rules independent of any business rules engine (BRE) technology - yet it can be implemented using any rules engine.


BIZRULES has partnerships with leading BRE vendors. We can help you select the right rule engine for your needs, and we can design and build your rule-based solutions using the RuleMap™ and Expertise Blueprint models.

The Knowledge Explorersoftware lets you manage and share your logic maps.


® RuleMap™








Below is an example RuleMap that contains three simple rules. Click to see a short demo of how this RuleMap works (10.2MB .avi video).

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