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BIZRULES helps companies overcome the challenges and
seize the opportunities

Companies face many challenges dealing with constant change and increasing complexity. They also face many opportunities leveraging the power of the business rules approach.

BIZRULES can help your business:

  • Enforce compliance with internal policies, procedures, and business rules
  • Assure compliance with external laws & regulations
  • Assure global statutory compliance
  • Automatically enforce your policies and rules where and when needed
  • Deploy intelligent and interactive “Rulebooks” to replace paper Compliance/Policy Manuals
  • Help employees follow the rules, make the right decisions and make legal decisions
  • Make expert-level decisions
  • Prevent employees from inadvertently making wrong or illegal decisions
  • Improve the accuracy and consistency of decision-making
  • Document and enforce the rules, controls, policies and procedures
  • Comply with the rules


An interactive rulebook that models business rules and simulates business logic. Documents your business rules independent of any BRE - yet it can be implemented using any BRE.

Starter pack rulebase that jump starts BPM / BRE solutions. Supports leading Business Rule Engines.

Smart rule-based BRM/BPM solution for decisioning and compliance

Smart knowledge-based KM/ES solution for advising, knowledge automation, and web knowledge delivery




BIZRULES can solve your business rule problems


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