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provides a full range of consulting services, turnkey solutions and
methodologies for Business Rules, Business Process, and Knowledge Management

  •  BRE/BRMS Assessment &
     Selection (RFP)

  •  Rules Training and Education

  •  Rule Harvesting, Discovery, and
     Facilitated Rules Capture

  •  Documenting Rules, Processes,
     Policies, and Internal Controls
     (such as Sarbanes-Oxley)

  •  Enterprise Rules Architecture and

  •  Digitizing the Corporate Rulebook

  •  Rule Modeling and Simulation

  •  Rule-Based System Design &
     Rulebase Repository Design

  •  BRE Application Development

  •  Rule Management & Governance

  •  Rule Methodology and Strategy

  •  Knowledge Engineering

  •  Prevent Brain Drain and Retain


The BIZRULES® RoadMap™

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