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Rolando Hernandez

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Business Rules Architect | Business Process Architect ph 972-987-1685
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1995 - PRESENT

Help Fortune 500 firms modernize legacy applications and design new eBusiness applications using breakthrough technologies. Extract enterprise business rules and business processes from SMEs using Knowledge Acquisition, Knowledge Engineering, & Business Rule Harvesting methods; and from code using automated tools. My clients include IBM Global Services, EDS Canada, & the following:

Designed Business Rules architecture and methodology for A Fortune 10 Company's e-TAX Digitization Initiative and Knowledge Supply Chain. Documented client's rules for Corporate Governance, Sarbanes-Oxley, Statutory/Tax Compliance in 120 countries, Tax Minimization, Transfer Pricing, and Entity Management.

IBM's Business Rules Subject Matter Expert (SME) on the largest civilian modernization plan in history, the 15-year $10 billion IRS PRIME CADE Business Systems Modernization Project. Among the goals are to take the tax agency from a paper-pushing system to an interactive online program for taxpayers, and to deliver tax refunds in as little as two days instead of five weeks.

Helped develop the Disability Eligibility & Entitlement business rules for the Government of Canada's $400 million Social Security Y2K Modernization Project using CA AION Business Rules Engine. Error/fraud reductions due to new Rulebase of $45 Million/yr or $703 Million/15yrs.

As a Senior Business Analyst on the Cunard Cruise Lines POLAR Transition Team, I helped move Cunard from the NVS Reservation System to Princess Cruise Lines' POLAR Reservation System. Conducted NVS/POLAR Reservation Systems Gap Analysis. Wrote business, system, and technical specs. Documented Cunard/Seabourn Business Processes, Rules, and Workflows.

Used automated tools to extract business rules from a 16 million line mainframe/COBOL application for GE Capital Fleet; and from a mainframe SmallTalk Worker's Compensation application for one of the top 10 insurance companies in the U.S., Chubb & Son.

Led development of Burger King's Balanced Scorecard System/Sales Force Automation System, The RoadRunner EIS, which helps six Regional VPs and 400 field Managers track Sales and A/R for 6,000 Burger King stores nationwide.

Implemented Pepsi-Cola's Sales & Distribution Supply Chain Management System in Brazil.

Helped develop and QA test Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines' e-Commerce websites and, which were selected as Best of the Web Travel Sites by Forbes on 5/21/01.

Helped implement the Seaware Cruise Reservation System for American Classic Voyages.