Founder & CEO, BizRules

Rolando Hernandez, Rules Coach, BIZRULES
Rules Coach, Decision Modeler, Enterprise Architect, Knowledge Engineer
Master of Science, Computer Information Systems with a Concentration in A.I.

I help companies bridge the gap between Business and IT by aligning strategy with systems: Speaking dollars and sense with The Business (strategy, vision, goals, rules, decisions, outcomes, architectures), and bits & bytes with IT (data, inputs/outputs, algorithms).

To do that, I lead the Knowledge Transfer Function: Transforming knowledge, expertise, decisions, rules, processes, requirements, and specifications from business people’s minds into 0s and 1s in the computer systems.

I started surfing the business rules wave when the business rules revolution began. Before founding BizRules in 1995, I worked at Mobil Oil for 6 years on expert systems, rulebases, and knowledge management. In graduate school I studied artificial intelligence, intelligent systems, and knowledge engineering. That's where I started working on a methodology for extracting rules from experts, designing rulebases, and building knowledge-based solutions. Today, three of the Fortune 10 use my BIZRULES® VISION™ Business Rules Methodology to document, redesign, and automate their business rules and critical knowledge.

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