BizRules friends

  Dr. Richard Mark Soley, Executive Director of the Industrial Internet Consortium and CEO, OMG. OMG Blog John A. Zachman, originator of the Zachman Enterprise Architecture Framework Paul Haley, Principal, Automata, Inc.
  Ronald G. Ross, Principal, Business Rule Solutions BRS Jim Sinur, VP at Gartner (retired) Ben Bloom, IBM ODM (ILOG) Services Manager
  James Taylor, Decision Management Solutions Paul, Alan Trefler (Founder & CEO, Pegasystems), Manuel, myself, and Vic Commissioner Orson Swindle, Federal Trade Commission (FTC), and Manuel
  Ron Ross, John Zachman, and Cheryl K. Estep. Professor Jan Vanthienen, Decision Table expert Scott Rosenberg, Executive editor, Grist. Co-founder
  Another photo with Richard Soley, in one of his more serious poses. And one more with Ron Ross.  
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