BIZRULES® is a leading provider of Business Rules Management (BRM),
Business Process Management (BPM), and Knowledge Management (KM) 
services and solutions.
BIZRULES provides consulting services for BRM/BPM/KM customers needing additional help designing, building, and deploying rules-based applications.

We are experts in scoping, designing, building, deploying and managing rules-based and knowledge-based solutions.

We help customers leverage the power of BRM/BPM technology no matter what business rule engine (BRE) you use.

Our proven BIZRULES® VISION™ Methodology minimizes risk and ensures success of rules-based projects, and it helps us deliver your solution quickly and cost-effectively.

Three of the Fortune 10 use the BIZRULES® VISION™ Methodology to document, manage and automate their business rules and business processes. We have helped the largest companies and governments in the world manage knowledge and business rules since 1995.

We help clients simplify business processes, modernize legacy applications, automate decisioning, and improve compliance with laws, regulations, internal controls and business rules.

Our services range from business rules strategy and methodology to enterprise rules architecture, rule harvesting, rule modeling, rule/process integration, knowledge acquisition, knowledge engineering, systems design, development, and deployment.

BIZRULES is recognized by Gartner as a leading business rules methodology & service vendor:
"Today, we see a rise in rule-enabled methodologies, an increased emphasis on rule quality, the emergence of rule templates that 'jump start' advisory applications, and the emergence of satellite vendors. Satellite methodology and service vendors include BizRules...”

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Rule Engines, 2005 (Feb. 8, 2005)

BIZRULES® helps organizations get to the next level of agility and productivity by optimizing the internal rules and processes that drive the business, and by automating the external rules that govern the business

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