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BIZRULES helps companies minimize risk and ensure success of enterprise business systems modernization projects.

Three of the 10 largest companies in the Fortune 500 use the BIZRULES® VISION™ Methodology to harvest and manage their business rules:

A Fortune 10 company contracted BIZRULES to document, assess, and redesign their business rules, policies, controls, and procedures to help ensure Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, improve controllership and governance, and assure global statutory compliance

IBM subcontracted BIZRULES to be IBM’s key Business Rules SME on the IRS PRIME CADE Business Systems Modernization Project. IRS PRIME is a 15-year $10 billion project to modernize all Internal Revenue Service applications for processing Individual and Corporate Tax Returns. Analysts say this is the largest systems modernization plan in history

A leading transportation company providing rail, intermodal and rail-to-truck transload services contracted BIZRULES to develop their RFP/RFQ to select a Business Rule Engine, and to help them evaluate and select an enterprise-wide Business Rule Engine using the proprietary BIZRULES® BRE Quantitative Ranking Table™

A Fortune 50 company contracted BIZRULES to work with their top global tax experts in order to document their processes, best practices, and business rules for minimizing tax while enforcing tax compliance in over 100 countries. Project areas include Tax, Finance, Legal, Billing, HQ Cost Allocation, and Transfer Pricing

EDS subcontracted BIZRULES to help program the business rules for the Government of Canada’s $300M Social Security System Modernization Project

A large cruise line hired BIZRULES to implement a rules-based reservation system and to write the rules for Marketing and Revenue Management

BIZRULES led development of a global fast-food franchise’s Sales Force Automation System and Balanced Scorecard System

BIZRULES has been helping the largest companies and governments in the world manage knowledge and business rules since 1995.

From 1988-1994, BIZRULES founder and CEO Rolando Hernandez helped design and build Mobil Oil’s Global Knowledge Management Strategy and Global Expert System Strategy to transform knowledge and business rules from Mobil’s top Subject Matter Experts into tangible electronic assets that appreciated in value over time and increased shareholder value.

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