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 “The market is starting to demand the combination of business rules and BPM, and in a couple of years it will be the norm. BPM/BRE integration can ease maintenance costs, and it allows subject matter experts to take responsibility for business rules and processes.”
Jim Sinur, Vice President

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Business Rules Methodology

Our proprietary BIZRULES® VISION™ Methodology includes Tools and techniques for defining, modeling, reengineering, automating, and managing business rules, rules-based applications, and Rulebase Management Systems (RBMS). The methodology is platform neutral so it supports all the leading Business Rule Engines.  The methodology works across industries and functional areas, and it supports small to large enterprise applications. Three of the Fortune 10 use the BIZRULES® VISION™ Methodology to document, assess, optimize, automate, and manage their business rules.

See BIZRULES® VISION™ Methodology

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Rule Mining - Extract ASIS Rules and Processes From Legacy Code

Rule Mining is our automated process for Extraction and Reverse-Engineering of ASIS (baseline) business rules and processes from legacy code using proprietary tools that support over 65 languages. Also known as Enterprise Portfolio Modernization (EPM), our Rule Mining service discovers and documents the Client's current (baseline) business rules and processes. Often the rules are buried in the code and no one really knows what the rules are or where they are. Our partner Trinity Millennium Group's Knowledge Mining™ Service uses TMGi's proprietary tools to automatically extract business rules and processes from legacy code in over 65 languages. The primary deliverable from this service is a Baseline/Current Enterprise Architecture Model and Rulebook.

See BIZRULES® VISION™ Methodology Task 3

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Rule Harvesting - Harvest ASIS/TOBE Rules and Processes from SME's

Rule Harvesting is our process for Elicitation and Definition of ASIS and TOBE (desired) business rules from Subject Matter Experts and other Sources of Record. Our Rule Harvesting service involves meeting with the Client's SME's and Key Personnel to elicit the current (baseline) rules and processes and to define the desired (target) rules and processes. We use our proven, repeatable, and proprietary BIZRULES® VISION™ Methodology and tools to  systematically and completely define the Client's desired business rules and processes. The primary deliverable from this service is a Desired/Target Enterprise Architecture Model and Rulebook.

See BIZRULES® VISION™ Methodology Task 3

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Rule/Process Modeling, Simulation, and Optimization

Rule/Process Simulation and Optimization is the task of simulating, verifying, redesigning, and optimizing the TOBE rules and processes so they can be easily automated in the modernized system. The simulation helps the client verify that the business rules are correct and complete. The primary deliverable from this service is a Working Model and Simulation of the new application.

See BIZRULES® VISION™ Methodology Task 4

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Architect and Design Rules-Based Solution

Our Architecture and Design service uses advanced knowledge-based tools and technologies to design the new rules-based application.

See BIZRULES® VISION™ Methodology Tasks 1-4

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Engineer and Build Rules-Based Solution

Our Engineer and Build service uses knowledge engineering principles to build the rules-based or knowledge-based application. The primary deliverable from this service is a deployed rules-based application, written in one of the leading Business Rule Engine development environments.

See BIZRULES® VISION™ Methodology Tasks 5-6

We work closely with many of the leading rules-based development environments including:

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Our Legacy Expert Systems Modernization service is designed to assist clients to revitalize, update, and integrate the stand-alone expert systems deployed in the 1980s and 1990s. Many of these applications had tremendous ROI and yielded billions of dollars in benefits. Many, such as AMEX's classic Authorizer's Assistant, are still running today. This service offering helps clients update and enhance their legacy expert systems and deploy them on the World Wide Web. In addition, we also help clients migrate their applications from their legacy expert system development language to a modern BRE/ES language.

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