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Unique Advantages

Anyone can take something simple and make it sound complex. It is much more challenging to take something truly complex and make it look simple.

Our unique advantage is our proprietary visual methodology that takes the complexity out of any domain that is very difficult to understand, such as your enterprise business rules and processes, and makes it look easy.

Our BIZRULES VISION™ Methodology, which is based on knowledge engineering and enterprise architecture, enables experts to visualize rules and processes so they are finally easy to understand and verify.

BIZRULES is a leader at working with Subject Matter Experts around the world in order to build rule-based systems and expert systems that make the same decisions and provide the same recommendations as the Experts. We have worked with leading experts in some of the largest companies and governments in the world.

Value Added Upside Gain with BIZRULES Downside Risk without BIZRULES
Shorten business process time to market Agility; Changing business rules takes minutes or hours because rules are “Databased” Changing “hard-wired” rules takes weeks or months due to endless code, test, debug, compile cycle
Ensure employee Compliance with internal rules and external regulations Better Governance; Improved Compliance


Employees don’t know, don’t understand, or don’t care what the rules are. Enron, WorldCom, Canary Capital Partners and mutual funds are just a few examples
Increase consistency and accuracy of decision-making Quality


Mistakes continue; Rework wastes time/$; Customers get different answers depending on who they talk to
Enable staff to make expert-level decisions    Expertise; Staff performs at expert level Staff wastes expert’s time with routine questions
Free up experts so they can spend more time on high-value decisions Productivity Experts waste time on routine, repetitive decision-making
Document knowledge and business rules Retain Knowledge Continued knowledge drain
Transform knowledge and rules into tangible Electronic Assets


Knowledge Base and Rulebase assets appreciate in value over time; Increased Shareholder Value Knowledge assets depreciate and lose value over time; Decreased shareholder value

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