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BIZRULES works closely with some of the leading, visionary, and niche* BRE/BRMS/BPM/ES technology vendors and service providers. We help clients leverage the power of rules-based and knowledge-based technology no matter what rule engine or tool vendor you use. Our turnkey business rules services and solutions are vendor-neutral - - we work with whatever rule engine software your company uses.

* according to Gartner's BRE Magic Quadrant

BRMS - Business Rule Management System / Rules Repository  (Rule-Based Solutions)

Haley Systems
Haley Business Rules Suite

The Haley Business Rules Management Suite is the only BRMS on the market to combine high-performance, rules-based processing with natural English language understanding. Haley customers use plain English to automate business rules in their strategic software applications. By empowering business users to manage business rules and decisions directly from their desktop, Haley eliminates the IT bottleneck caused by dependency on programmer intervention to create and maintain rules. Haley users gain dramatically reduced rule change cycle times, resulting in several competitive advantages, including improved customer responsiveness, enhanced revenue opportunities, faster time-to-market and reduced IT costs. Major Global 1000 companies such as Adobe, Cigna, BUPA, KPN and One Beacon Insurance, as well as government organizations including the U.S. Army, the Department of Labor and Inland Revenue rely on Haley products.

"This partnership is a great fit. The combination of Haley's powerful technology and BIZRULES' expertise will give customers very potent business rules management applications."   

Hans Witt, CEO of Haley Systems

See press release Link

BRE/BRMS - Business Rule Engine and Business Rule Management System  (Rule-Based Solutions)


ILOG delivers software and services that empower customers to make better decisions faster and manage change and complexity. Over 2,500 global corporations and more than 465 leading software vendors rely on ILOG's market-leading business rule management system (BRMS), optimization and visualization software components, to achieve dramatic returns on investment, create market-defining products and services, and sharpen their competitive edge. The BRMS market leader, ILOG was founded in 1987 and employs more than 700 people worldwide. For more information, please visit www.ilog.com.

InRule Technology InRule

InRule Technology provides technology for the authoring, management and verification of application decision logic that involves rules, calculations and dynamic user interfaces.

InRule™ is a business rules engine (BRE) developed and marketed by InRule Technology. InRule enables the authoring and verification of business logic by non-technical users. InRule’s Business Language Authoring presents decision logic and user interface components in a familiar business context, allowing users to capture business intent, author and verify complex decision logic, rules and calculations effectively, without the overhead of custom programming. InRule is the only BRE built entirely on and optimized for the .NET platform, a component architecture that delivers unparalleled rule processing performance and flexibility. The results: reduced time-to-market with agile processes that are more responsive to changes and market conditions.

InRule Technology assists users to start “Thinking In Rules” and is committed to helping clients find the best route to implementing rules within their environment, whether through education, use of our best practices implementation services, or working with InRule Technology partners such as BIZRULES.

Versata Versata® Logic Suite

Versata® is one of the first vendors to offer a comprehensive Business Rules Engines (BRE) that addresses wide-ranging business rules for decision support, process, transaction, data logic, Web Services and Service Oriented Architectures (SOA). Versata 6™ is used to develop and update data-intensive transactional applications and logic quickly and reliably. Solutions are optimized for business challenges in financial services, insurance, telecom, manufacturing, and other fast-paced industries where continuous adaptation to business and regulatory change is vital to be competitive. Versata 6 is built on an open architecture that supports J2EE™, Web services, and Service Oriented Architecture, and is based on the proven Versata platform that has delivered value to hundreds of customers.

BRE/BPM - Business Rule Engine and Business Process Management Software  (Rule-Based and Process-Based Solutions)

PegaRULES Process Commander

Pegasystems empowers businesses to easily automate and change their business process and practice through ‘smart’ business process management software, delivering radically improved agility and ROI. Pegasystems provides "Simply Smart" Business Process Management (BPM) solutions for businesses who need to respond quickly to changing customer, market and competitive conditions. Our products enable business users to change the way they do business with just a few mouse clicks. Pegasystems provides enterprises with rules-based software products to improve both agility and productivity. BIZRULES is a Pegasystems Certified Solutions Provider.

"We are already working successfully with BizRules.com at one of the world's largest manufacturing companies. Our work with BizRules.com helped define the business rules in the customer's contract area clearly and accurately, eliminating the need for further consultation with the business users. This accomplishment has resulted in a new, joint project at the same customer."

Paul McNulty, vice president, PegaRULES, Pegasystems

See press release Link PDF

Insession Technologies WorkPoint Advantage from Insession Technologies

WorkPoint Advantage from Insession Technologies is a comprehensive BPM suite that coordinates all aspects of a process – people, rules, tasks and systems into a cohesive whole. It defines, models, executes, and monitors simple to the most complex business processes, incorporating the rules that govern them. A strong stand-alone or embeddable solution, WorkPoint Advantage’s flexible architecture and powerful technologies empower users to optimize change and maintain a competitive edge.

ES - Expert System Development Software (Knowledge-Based Solutions)

Intellicrafters & XpertRule Software Ltd XpertRule Knowledge BuilderKnowledge Miner

Our partners include IntelliCrafters, American representative of XpertRule Software’s XpertRule® Knowledge Builder, the world's leading Knowledge Based Development Environment. Knowledge Builder represents rules as Decision Trees.

Amzi!  Amzi! Prolog + Logic Server, ARulesXL

Amzi! specializes in products and services for developing and deploying integrated application components that apply Logical Knowledge, such as pricing rules, configuration logic, regulations, diagnostic and advisory knowledge, and message translation rules. Amzi! Prolog + Logic Server is an embeddable, extendable Prolog for programmers to build high-performance rule-based systems. KnowledgeWright is an easy-to-use tool for non-programmers to build web-based expert systems and embedded expert systems.

KM Knowledge Mining - Automated Tools to Extract Rules from Legacy Code

Trinity Millennium Group, Inc. (TMGi) SAT Legacy Reengineering Tool, iSAT Interface Tool, BRH Business Rule Harvester

TMGi is a leading provider Enterprise Portfolio Modernization (EPM) Services. Established in 1995 and headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, Trinity Millennium Group is a global provider of innovative information technology services and solutions. With decades of experience behind them, our professional high-tech analysts have revolutionized the industry with a unique automated legacy understanding process that processes more than 65 languages simultaneously. According to the Gartner Group, Inc. Trinity Millennium Group is one of the nations leading legacy application specialty firms.

Services Partners


Information Asset Control

Inastrol is dedicated to helping its clients manage their information as a strategic business resource, so that information systems can enable business flexibility, not be a barrier. Through innovative information management techniques, such as our Dynamic Business Model, Inastrol provides guidance in developing applications and data management architectures that provide the flexibility necessary to respond to changing business conditions and business rules.

Rule Automation Rule Automation

Rule Automation was formed to provide services and software supporting deployment and integration of Business Rules and Expert Knowledge into new and existing software systems. They specialize in Knowledge Engineering, Expert Systems Development, and Business Rules Automation.

Because we are familiar with a number of BREs, BIZRULES can recommend the engines that best fit the customer’s needs and rule types. And because we are platform-independent, we continue enhancing the BizRules® VISION™ Methodology to work with all types of rule engines. Partnering with leading BRE/BRMS, BPM, and ES vendors enables us to stay ahead of new developments and keep up with emerging technology. It also enables us to license, train, and use current software releases. Partnering also ensures high levels of support and access to new releases. That's why we've forged strong relationships with these leading technology vendors.

Want to discuss a possible alliance with us? Contact us to start the conversation.

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