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Why Choose Us

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About Us

BIZRULES® helps business digitize enterprise knowledge and business rules into electronic assets that appreciate in value over time. Our vision is clear:

We Write the Rules of eBusiness® We Put Government Online Instead of People In Line®

Corporate Governance and Controllership

BIZRULES helps companies meet their duty to shareholders by enabling firms to go as fast as possible without crossing the line and breaking the law.

Our rule-based Business Rule Engine and knowledge-based Expert System applications serve as autopilots that assist people and systems to make expert-level decisions with near-100% accuracy. Our solutions also serve as enterprise radar detectors, instantly notifying executives and automatically firing the right rules at the right time to enforce internal controls and external regulations.

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Business Rules and Business Process Management

A thought leader in business rules management and knowledge management, BIZRULES has been helping the largest companies and governments in the world manage knowledge and business rules since 1995.

BIZRULES helps clients build more automated knowledge-based systems that solve complex business problems, and design more efficient processes that cut costs without cutting services.

The company helps clients build intelligent, rules-based applications, components, and frameworks that drive mission-critical business functions. BIZRULES services and solutions are designed to assist companies to deal with the rapidly changing nature of eBusiness and to help them transform that rapid change from a challenge into a competitive edge.

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Business Rules and Business Process Automation

The company’s products and services can also enable business people to change business rules in real-time, without IT assistance.

BIZRULES adds tremendous value to companies that want to leverage business rules technology by helping them simplify, redesign, and optimize their rules and processes before they automate them in the rule engine.

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Business Rules Engine (BRE) Custom Application Development

As an independent business rules services and solutions firm, BIZRULES bridges the gap between companies that make the rules and want to leverage rules technology, and Business Rules Engine (BRE) vendors that know how to execute rules.

Our ability to quickly learn the client's business, simplify the most complex business domains, and help executives visualize their rules and processes also adds tremendous value to our customers and enables us to Write the Rules of eBusiness®.

We work closely with your SMEs to elicit and document their rules and decisioning process. Once we model and simulate the rules and processes, we design and build your rules-based application.

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Expert Systems Development

BIZRULES develops Expert Systems that help improve the quality and consistency of decision-making, and that enable all knowledge workers to make “expert-level” decisions. The company’s expert systems solutions enable the same number of knowledge workers to support twice as many transactions and service twice as many customers.

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