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Rolando Hernandez, Chief Rules Officer.  Founder & CEO,

A thought leader in business rules management and knowledge management, Rolando Hernandez has been helping the largest companies and governments in the world manage knowledge and business rules since 1988, when he graduated with a Master of Science degree in Artificial Intelligence.

From 1988-1994, Rolando helped design and build Mobil Oil’s Global Knowledge Management Strategy and Global Expert System Strategy to transform knowledge and business rules from Mobil’s top Subject Matter Experts into tangible electronic assets that appreciate in value over time and increase shareholder value.

In 1995, Rolando founded to help Global 2000 companies Write the Rules of eBusiness® and to help put Government Online Instead of People In Line®. In 1996-1997, Rolando helped write the Disability Benefit Eligibility & Entitlement business rules for the Govt. of Canada’s Social Security Modernization Project.

Recently, Rolando was IBM’s Business Rules SME on the largest systems modernization plan in history, the $10 billion 15-year IRS PRIME Business Systems Modernization Project. Currently, Rolando is helping his company’s efforts to assist a Fortune 10 company to document, assess, and optimize their business rules, policies, and procedures in order to improve Controllership and Governance, and to help ensure SARBANES-OXLEY compliance.

Today, is a leading provider of Business Rules Management (BRM), Knowledge Management (KM), and Business Rules Engine (BRE) services and solutions. Three of the 10 largest companies in the Fortune 500 use the BIZRULES® VISION™ Methodology to harvest and manage their business rules. Rolando is CEO and Chief Rules Officer of

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