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As is the custom when they speak, please be aware that Mr. Swindle and Mr. Stern are speaking only for themselves and not their agencies.

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FTC Meeting

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Meeting with FTC Commissioner Orson Swindle  Back

"Enhancing America's IT Productivity, Fighting Fraud, & Reducing Compliance Costs in a Competitive Global Economy"

The South Florida Technology Alliance was proud to present this event on Nov. 20, 2003 featuring FTC Commissioner Orson Swindle. 

This was an executive-level discussion on how Business Rules, Expert Systems, and A.I. Artificial Intelligence technology is helping government reduce compliance costs to business, helping business improve corporate governance, and helping business improve IT productivity. Who Should Attend: CEO, CIO, Legal, Tax, Finance, Marketing.

Expert Panel

  • Orson Swindle, FTC Commissioner
  • Edward Stern, Senior Program Analyst - Expert Systems, OSHA/Dept of Labor
  • Jim Sinur, Gartner VP Research Area Director - Business Rules & Business Process Mgmt.
  • Rolando Hernandez, CEO, BizRules.com
Transcripts and Streaming Video
  Part 1 Privacy, Fraud, and Compliance Challenges Facing Business Today
  Part 2 Business Rules: A Technology Overview for Business Leaders
  Part 3 Expert Systems: Enabling ordinary people to follow the rules and make expert decisions using the help of experts
Photos and Bios
  A FTC Commissioner Orson Swindle with Rolando and Manny
  B Bio of Edward Stern, OSHA
  C Bio of Jim Sinur, Distinguished Analyst, Gartner
  D Bio of Rolando Hernandez, CEO, BizRules.com

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This event was hosted/sponsored by the South Florida Technology Alliance. BizRules.com is a sponsor of SFTA.

South Florida Technology Alliance (SFTA) is a non-profit professional membership organization whose primary goal is to foster the growth and development of the information technology industry in South Florida. BIZRULES® helps organizations automate and optimize complex, rules-driven, business processes. BIZRULES helps companies and government agencies digitize enterprise knowledge and business rules into electronic assets that increase in value over time.

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