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Recent Events

6/17/2004 technical briefing on BizTalk BRE and BizRules
"Using the BizTalk Business Rules Engine and BizRules® VISION™ Methodology to enable the next wave of IT innovation." The panel includes:
  • Monica DeZulueta, Microsoft
  • Manuel Gandarillas, Chief Knowledge Engineer,
  • Rolando Hernandez, CEO & Chief Rules Officer,
"Enhancing America's IT Productivity, Fighting Fraud, & Reducing Compliance Costs in a Competitive Global Economy." The panel included:
  • Orson Swindle, FTC Commissioner
  • Edward Stern, Senior Program Analyst - Expert Systems, OSHA/Dept of Labor
  • Jim Sinur, Gartner VP Research Area Director - Business Rules & Business Process Mgmt.
  • Rolando Hernandez, CEO,



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