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Customers > A large global cruise line headquartered in Miami, FL

BizRules.com helped implement the SeaWare rules-based Reservation System and wrote the Dynamic Pricing Rules for Marketing & Revenue Management.
Business Problem

This cruise line, based in Miami, FL, needed assistance writing the Dynamic Pricing Rules for Marketing, Revenue Management, and Yield Management.

The company needed to standardize and consolidate all the different rules and conflicting rules among the 4 different cruise brands it operated.

Business Solution

BizRules.com was selected to rationalize and standardize the business rules because of our deep travel/transportation industry knowledge and our expertise with rule-based systems.

BizRules.com documented the rules in rule-books for each cruise line brand. The rulebooks made it easy to compare similar and different rules among the 4 cruise brands.

Business Goals & Benefits

Common enterprise rules were established that were shared among all 4 cruise brands (divisions). Brand rules unique to each cruise line were established to differentiate the different cruise line products.


"It became evident early on in the project the most complex area to implement would be Revenue Management and Pricing. BizRules.com was instrumental in analyzing and consolidating pricing rules among our 4 different cruise brands. They didn't stop there. They took the lead in the actual implementation of the pricing rules in the cruise product. Their expertise with rule-based systems was key to getting this area under control and cutover on time."

Jeff Boltz, IT-Manager, Reservation Systems

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