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Customers > Burger King

BizRules.com led development of Burger King’s Sales Force Automation System/Balanced Scorecard System, The RoadRunner EIS

Helped manage an early offshore development project for Burger King Corporation in 1995-1996.

Business Problem

Burger King World Headquarters in Miami, FL needed help managing an offshore development project and implementing a custom Sales Force Automation / Executive Information System (SFA/EIS) called "RoadRunner". RoadRunner was one of the first Balanced Scorecard Systems*. In 1995, this was also one of the first offshore efforts by a major U.S. corporation.

Business Solution

Neil Foley, Director of MIS at Burger King, selected BizRules.com to help them manage the offshore vendor and to implement the RoadRunner SFA/EIS application.

RoadRunner helps 400 field Managers and 6 Regional VPs track Sales and A/R for 6,000 Burger King stores nationwide.

This custom vendor system was written in VB4 and Access in 1997. BizRules.com's role was to represent Burger King's interests, handle contract negotiations with the offshore vendor, define BK client specifications, system requirements, business rules, manage testing and training, and to implement the system to over 400 users.

Burger King asked BizRules.com to help them manage this EIS project because of our founder's experience building Mobil Oil's first successful EIS.

Business Goals & Benefits

This mission-critical system enables six Regional VPs and 400 field Managers to track Sales and A/R in 6,000 BK restaurants nationwide.

* The custom Balanced Scorecard System that we implemented at Burger King was one of the first balanced scorecard systems ever built.

It was developed by a vendor that was eventually bought out by Oracle.

Oracle now markets this system as the Oracle Balanced Scorecard application.

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